Poet and short story writer. 

Alice Elizabeth Rogoff has been roaming through San Francisco since 1971. She grew up in New Rochelle, New York and graduated from Grinnell Colege in Anthropology, and San Francisco State University with MAs in Creatve Writing and Drama. She received a Certificate in Labor Studies from City College, San Francisco. She belongs to the Pacific Media Workers (Communications Workers of America.) Her poetry book Mural won a 2004 Blue Light Book Award. She has been published in Pudding Magazine, Borderlands (Texas Poetry Review) Jewish Currents, and the anthology Walking Through a River of Fire:One Hundred Years of Triangle Factory Poems. Her new poetry book is entitled Barge Wood. She has worked with Seniors, and with labor and peace groups. She is currently the Recording Secretary of the San Francisco Living Wage Coaliton.


  • MURAL: ($15.95) Winner of the Blue Light Press 2004 Book Award. Poems on labor, homelessness, civil rights, ranging from San Francisco to New York and Chicago.
  • MATERIALS: ($5.00) Poems of family, nature, love.
  • In Sarah's Garden: ($4.00) Three fantasy stories, including a talking snail, a dancer, a writer and a saxophonist who all co-exist in San Francisco.
  • A new poetry book, Barge Wood, is scheduled to appear by CC. Marimbo. 

Mural, Materials and In Sarah's Garden can be ordered through: alicerogoff@yahoo.com

New and back issues of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal can be ordered through poetship@comcast.net
Workshop Director:

Living Wage Theater Group: Combining street theater and Stanislavski. Dramatizes stories and issues of low-wage workers.

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Poetry and Conservation
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